General Secretariat for Fatwa Offices Worldwide

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  1. issuing fatwas.
  2. Reduce the gap of differences between fatwa bodies through the various forms of scholarly consultation.
  3. Address the phenomenon of fatwa chaos and extremism.
  4. Develop a scholarly and qualifying system for the benefit of Muslim leaders around the world that reinforces ideals of moderation and coexistence.
  5. Build scholarly partnerships to support a moderate fatwa methodology in Egypt in its capacity as the first defensive line protecting the sound principles of Islam.
  6. Lead the renewal of religious discourse by providing practical examples of renewing, developing, and designing curricula; promoting ideas; and providing alternatives.
  7. Integrate the efforts of different fatwa authorities so as to correct the erroneous beliefs, thereby reducing the hostilities against Islam incited by extremist groups.
  8. Support moderate scholars around the world.
  9. Combat chaos and extremism in fatwa.
  10. Disseminate refined fatwa principle worldwide with an aim to participate in formulating a philosophy of a global civilized construction.
  11. Confirm that fatwas issued by non-specialists cause great societal disruption as is the case with the fatwas issued by Daesh and its sister groups.
  12. Train and increase the experience of muftis and Islamic legal scholars in fatwa.
  13. Promote national and international stability and peace by combating and taking the necessary measures against extremist ideologies.


Egypt’s Dar AL-Ifta
Cairo - Darrasa District Hadiqat al_Khalidin
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